About the Clinic

Ever since it was founded in 1983, Clínica Robles has specialized in plastic surgery (sometimes mistaken with aesthetic surgery) and has stood out thanks to its medical excellence and seriousness. It was founded by Dr. José M. Robles, a world recognized pioneer surgeon, and it is now managed by Dr. Marcelo F. Robles, a specialist in general surgery, plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery (with specialization in mammaplasty). At the same time, he is a plastic and reconstructive surgery professor, and Clínica Robles is an academic unit of the UCA “Universidad Católica Argentina” (Argentinean Catholic University).

Dr. Marcelo Robles is continuously studying and developing new techniques to improve different specialties. Using technology as a daily tool has allowed many plastic surgeries to become ambulatory.

Clínica Robles has become a reference point both for patients and doctors worldwide. The clinic possesses two OR fully equipped with all the specific equipment to perform every surgery safe and securely. The rooms are comfortably fitted for the patient and an escort, and are equipped with monitoring, oxygen and aspiration devices. Its prestigious staff and specialist doctors make Clínica Robles one of the most preferred clinics.

Last but not least, the library within Clínica Robles has thousands of copies of plastic surgery publications from the 1970 to the date. The library is frequently visited by both local and foreign doctors for its wealth in the subject.