Botox or Dysport

To smoothen brow frontal lines and crow’s feet…

Facial dynamic wrinkles are formed by the constant contractions of delicate facial muscles each time we smile, laugh or frown.

Regardless of whether you have obtained each one of those wrinkles smiling in happy times or worried due to unpleasant events, you do not have to show them for the rest of your life. Thanks to the use of a substance approved at a worldwide level, Clínica Robles is able to erase these unpleasant lines. The procedure, known as plastic denervation, uses BOTOX® OR DYSPORT® applications to reduce the dynamic wrinkles resulting from facial gestures significantly.

How does BOTOX® OR DYSPORT® work?

This substance blocks the nervous impulses aimed at the diminutive facial muscles that are related to expression lines, thus preventing the contraction of those muscles. After the treatment, the skin covering them remains smooth and without wrinkles, while the muscles that have not been treated contract naturally, thus permitting a normal facial expression without any affections.

Are these treatments safe?

BOTOX® OR DYSPORT® infiltrations have been used safely and effectively for more than 10 years for several ophthalmologic and neurological disorders and to treat blepharospasms related to nervous dystonias. Every year, thousands of patients receive BOTOX® OR DYSPORT® treatments due to different conditions, and it is quickly becoming a very popular treatment to revert visible signs of age.

What do the procedures consist in?

Denervation with BOTOX® OR DYSPORT® is an easy and safe treatment. A microneedle is used to inject a very small amount of BOTOX® OR DYSPORT® in different exact face locations. As the needle is extremely thin and the amount of BOTOX® OR DYSPORT® is minimal, the sensation is similar to that of a mosquito’s bite. No anesthesia is required and the patient may resume its activities immediately. Some patients experience a slight irritation that may be disguised with makeup.

Are there any contraindications?

The most common complication is a small swelling but, as the secondary effects of BOTOX® OR DYSPORT® are completely reversible, any small problem cannot last more than a few days. Dr. Robles will discuss with the patient about the full details of the procedure.

What can the patient expect?

If those wrinkles make you look older than you are, plastic denervation can eliminate them and give you a more radiant and younger appearance. However, note that this procedure cannot improve certain skins that have been seriously damaged by the sun or actions other than constant muscular contraction. In those cases, we suggest inquiring Clínica Robles about a possible lifting, either complete or partial, in the brow or orbital area.

Which are the limitations of BOTOX® OR DYSPORT® infiltrations?

The effect of this treatment lasts from five to seven months, although current studies on this procedure showed that subsequent practices tend to extend these periods by almost twenty per cent, thus making them each time more lasting. As in all medical procedures, effects vary according to each patient.

How can I find out if my skin may be treated with BOTOX® OR DYSPORT® infiltrations?

If you want to know more about the procedure and your current condition, make an appointment with the director of Clínica Robles.