Platelet Rich Plasma

What is rich plasma?

The procedure known as platelet rich plasma is used to reduce cell damage, which would cause the skin to lose its youth, its luminosity, tone as well as it would increase skin flaccidity.

This is an anti-age treatment that fosters skin bio-stimulation. It also increases cell regeneration, collagen and elastin production, which fights aging. Since this is an autologous procedure, there is a zero possibility of allergy, rejection, or infection of any disease.

The rejuvenation happens due to the growth agents that can be found in the patient’s own plasma and platelets.

Platelet rich plasma remodels the skin, rebuilds the epidermis naturally by means of a physiological process, through infiltration of platelet rich plasma which carries growth agents. This will return elasticity, smoothness, and luminosity to the skin, thus giving you a fresh and healthy image.

Am I a good candidate for the procedure?

Patients must be adults in good health, that is to say: they must not suffer any disease that may compromise the healing process or risk their life. It is also advisable that the patient is not a smoker with realistic and concrete wishes to do this change.

What is platelet rich plasma treatment?

Once Dr. Robles has verified the patient’s health is optimal and has deemed that the patient may go into the operating room the blood extraction will be done. Once the hematology personnel have obtained the required amount of blood, this will be centrifuged. This process will separate the plasma, which contains the growth agents. Once this is done, the substance will be injected with a mesotherapy and intradermotherapy.

The platelets contained by the previously centrifuged blood are protein fragments biologically active, which in time will revitalize the patient’s cells and tissues.

The advantage of this procedure is that there are practically no risks or adverse reactions since the tissues involved are the patient’s ones.

Are there any other options?

The options are mesotherapy with different drugs, but these do not accomplish the tissue regeneration achieved with platelet rich plasma.

How is the recovery once the procedure is done?

This procedure is an outpatient one which does not need any kind of specific care. Once the platelet rich plasma procedure finishes, and the anesthesia effects have faded out, Dr. Robles will call the patient for a checkup. If there were any discomforts, mild analgesics will be prescribed.

Which are the risks of the procedure?

This procedure is extremely beneficial since the tissue is in the patient’s. The component that regenerates cells can be found in the patient’s own body.
There may be some minor bruising in the injection area after the procedure.

Which are the results of the platelet rich plasma?

The results of the platelet rich procedure are progressive, and they will be seen fully on the third month, which is the time needed for the body to synthesize the new regenerating proteins. Such results may take up to a year to be seen from the date the procedure was done.

The most evident results are the increased tone of the skin, an improvement of creases, better color and smoothness.