Buttock Augmentation

The technique of gluteoplasty is used to improve your buttocks by using implants made of cohesive gel silicone.

These implants are secure and give a very natural appearance to the area since they are difficult to detect.

The procedure takes at the most 2 hours no scar is left since it remains hidden under the medium surcus. The patient will be able to go back to normal activity in 10 or 15 days.

Regarding they are light. We choose for this surgery non-texturized silicon gel implants.

Does this surgery leave any scars?

No it does not- a vertical incision of approximately 7 centimeters is done, thus it is a scar that has a very quick evolution and does not carry any danger of forming ipertropic scars or any other alteration. and during three to six months after the surgery it becomes totally invisible.

How will my new buttocks look?

Your buttocks will look will look larger by the surgery in addition, their consistency and form will improve – since you are able to choose a new volume (size) from a vast selection of implants.

Your new buttocks will undergo different stages:

  • Immediate stage: Considered to be during the first 30 days. Your buttocks will look improved in their form and volume but still far from the actual results originally planed for plus they will be swollen.
  • Intermediate stage: Goes from 30 to 60 days. During this time your buttocks will start to take their definite proportion, the swelling will start to go away and you will be able to start seeing some results.
  • Final stage: During this period, you will see your buttocks in their definite volume and proportion.

When will I see definite results?

Even if the results are somehow visible during the first stage, the complete results will not be seen until the final one.

Is the postoperative period painful?

Pain is regarded as something totally personal, in this particular surgery we do not observe pain but a certain discomfort will take place, since during the first three days the patient must sleep face up. A burning sensation rather than pain will be felt, for this your Dr. will prescribe the right pain killer to take.

Is this a dangerous operation?

Rarely this procedure is considered dangerous, and has no serious side effects. This aesthetic surgery should be practiced with peridural anesthesia, thus preventing any hemorrhage or possible infections.

Which type of anesthesia is used?

In most cases we use peridural anethesia- only in some cases, a general anesthesia is considered.

How long is the procedure?

Approximately two hours.

Does it require hospitalization?

No it does not, the patient will be admitted early in the morning and will be discharged 12 hours later.

Does it require special care?

The use of elastic vendages or girdles.

When will the stitches be removed?

The doctor will remove stitches 10 days after he surgery.

When can I bade?

Normally after 3 days, you will be able to cleanse yourself in a specific way before this time,- you are attending nurse will shoe you how.

What to expect after surgery?

You must not forget the stages that we have mentioned before. Patience is required -in order to reach the final stage- your body will need the time to adjust to this change- therefore it is logical to feel some anxiety but do not let impatience take the best of you. During this time you should have any doubt about the surgery it´s results or any sort of thought please talk to your Dr. He will provide you with the necessary answers that will make this transition period a better one and you will not only feel supported but relaxed.

When can I start working out?

You will be able to start your work out one month after the surgery, but only certain exercises will be permitted and some will not be allowed your Dr. Will coach you this.

Pre-surgery care

  • Avoid alcohol and spicy food the night before the surgery
  • Arrive at the clinic on time.
  • If anything should occur the night before the surgery such as a cold flew or any other infection, please call and advice the Dr.
  • Attend the surgery wearing comfortable and preferably loose garments.
  • Do not carry valuables, since the clinic will not be held responsible for their loss.
  • Eight hours before the surgery do not ingest food or liquids.
  • Do not wear makeup or nail polish.
  • Program your domestic social and educational activities prior to the surgery… this is so you can have the necessary rest during the first 10 days of recovery.
  • Attend you surgery with a family member or friend.
  • Eight days before the surgery and 8 days after do not take any medication for weight loss- especially diuretics and, avoid the ingestion of aspirin.

Post- surgery care

  • Follow a normal diet unless your Dr. should suggest otherwise.
  • Do not wet girdle or bandage.
  • Avoid any traumatism during the first stage and your doctor will instruct you on the way to sit during this phase.
  • Observe and follow each one of your doctors recommendations.
  • The use of ice in the area will needed at all time.
  • Attend to all check ups and curaciones after the surgery.
  • Avoid any use of force during the first 15 days.
  • You will no be able to drive during two weeks.
  • Beware! you might feel so well that you will be inclined to forget the above mentioned instructions- be careful this can be dangerous.