Genital Cosmetic

Vaginoplasty or genital cosmetics

Vaginoplasty or genital cosmetics are also known as feminine intimate surgery. The vaginoplasty has gained great importance among women; increasingly more and more women are encouraged to get a consult and improve the quality of their intimate life. These are some of the procedures patients ask the most:


The labiaplasty consists in reducing or increasing the size of the labia minora. Approximately one in five young women are dissatisfied with the size of their labia minora. Lots of adult women have the same feeling, due to the loss of collagen, their labia lose turgor.
For many, labiaplasty solves the problem by improving the quality of intimate life.

Vaginal Rich Plasma

This platelet rich plasma treatment may be applied on the vulvovaginal area to improve atrophy or dryness caused by menopause.

Vulvar and anal whitening

It is possible to whiten the darkened perivulvar and perianal areas, which may be generated by diverse causes.

Vulvar and vaginal laser rejuvenation

Laser therapy improves the skin and mucosa of the vulvar and vaginal areas which are linked to aging.

Wart removal

Genital warts or injuries caused by infections such as HPV or other conditions may be treated with plastic surgery.

Mons pubis laser liposuction

The mons pubis (pubic area) may be modeled with a laser liposuction which may be caused by excess fat due to aging.

Episotomy improvement

By means of a plastic surgery or laser treatment, an episotomy caused after a vaginal delivery may be fixed. The episotomy may cause pain during penetration in sexual intercourse.

Vaginal laser rejuvenation

The original dimensions of the vaginal channel, altered due to natural deliveries or genetic reasons, may be restored with a laser treatment. This greatly improves the self-confidence of the patient.

Clitoris reduction

Depending on the origin, an excessive clitoris (clitoromegaly) may be reduced to achieve the desired aesthetic balance.

Hymen reconstruction

The hymenoplasty rebuilds the hymen, if it was broken due to trauma or because of sexual intercourse.